Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Short Review of Narnia

This morning I decided to take full advantage of the flexibility of schedule allowed by homeschooling and the kids and I went on a fieldtrip to Narnia, the movie that is. After spending a looong time coveringour ears and averting our eyes during all the commercials and many previews leading up to the feature presentation, we settled in for two plus hours of delight (Turkish or otherwise).

This movie seems to have been made just at the right time. The computer technology employed made talking animals very believable. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver were especially a joy to watch.

The young actress who played Lucy was charming and natural and I loved watching her walk into Narnia for the first time. Several people have claimed that the actress bears a resemblance to my niece, Josi, and after seeing the movie, I'd have to concur. What do you think?

It never struck me this way reading the book, but it really creeped me out watching the movie to see Lucy persuaded to go away alone with a strange male, namely Mr. Tumnus. I guess the mother in me rebelled at that.

I do have to say that the movie is NOT on par with the book. I'm glad that I saw the movie, but the story was somewhat weakened. My first big moment of disappointment came when Father Christmas attributed the thaw of spring to the hope brought by the coming of the children, rather than the movement of Aslan.

Aslan himself, while visually well-done, was smaller than my imagination. He needed to be LARGER!! The book described him as larger, grander, and more majestic than a regular lion. And why oh why were the children not AFRAID of him? I guess the script-writer didn't think that a good being should elicit fear and trembling. The witch wasn't even fearful... very poorly done on
that score.

To sum it up, the movie was merely very good when it could have been great. This review says it better than I can.