Saturday, June 03, 2006

Julie's Baby Shower

My cousin Julie and I are expecting at the same time! My family has been asking to see a picture of the two of us ~ here it is folks:


Julie's baby shower took place this morning. Click HERE to view a set of pictures that I took at the shower.

I asked each of the guests to bring a baby picture of herself which I placed in numbered ziplock bags pinned to a large bulletin board. The guests numbered a piece of paper and wrote down their guesses as to the indentities of the babies. Michelle M, a teenager in our church, won the game, guessing 17 of the pictures correctly!

Sophie cracked me up! I told her that she could choose any baby picture of herself from her baby photo album to bring. I figured she would choose the prettiest, girliest picture that she could find. This is the picture that she brought to me:

newborn Sophie

I guess her desire to entertain and get a laugh outweighed any vanity!!

The guests also wrote down their guesses as to the birthdate, weight, length, time of birth, and name of Julie's baby. We have a prize to award the person with the most accurate guesses ~after the baby is born, of course!