Wednesday, January 04, 2006


When I posted about my pregnancy on this blog, my cousin Julie's husband called me and excitedly discussed the news with me for quite awhile. I was suprised by how excited and interested he seemed with the prospect of our having a new baby. I was even more surprised, though, when he confided to me that Julie is expecting as well (her first)~ and at the same time in July!!!

Julie and Patrick's news certainly helped me to feel more happy about mine. Poor Julie has had even worse morning sickness than I have. I told her that we could be partners in misery. One funny aspect to this is that I previously gave away some of my baby stuff to Julie who was hoping for a new addition!

We had a little fun with announcing our news this past Sunday in church. Some people in the congregation knew about my pregnancy, but no one knew about Julie's as yet. My husband James stood up and said, "I probably should have announced this last week since Bob gave a childrens' sermon about the joy of a new baby. We were surprised to find out that...Patrick and Julie are expecting a new baby in July." (At this point I'm sure people were wondering..."What?")

Patrick stood up right away and confirmed the news and continued, "It wasn't a surprise to us, but it was a surprise to find out that James and Melissa are expecting as well!" Laughter and clapping broke out around us.

We enjoyed throwing a curve in our announcement!

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