Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ear

Two weeks ago, this is what Logan's ear looked like:


Obviously I am referring to his right ear. That is just wrong isn't it?!

I didn't take him to the doctor...this time. You see, this has happened twice Matthew. The first time Matthew's ear swelled up to elephantine proportions--three times its normal size and reddish-purple in color-- I took him to the pediatrician. The doctor took one look at his ear and sent the nurse in with a syringe full of heavy-duty antibiotics. He said, "It is a good thing you brought him in. We wouldn't want the infection to spread to his brain." Comforting thought, that.

The second time Matthew's ear swelled up, probably due to a bug bite, the thought crossed my mind, "Maybe I should try some benadryl." I gave him the proper dose and sure enough, the swelling went down! I was thankful to avoid another whopping dose of antibiotics for Matthew.

Logan's ear actually did not look quite as awful as Matthew's, but I did secretly worry that it would get stretched out permanently. I gave Logan some benadryl as well while hoping that the medication would not wire him. (I gave Evan benadryl as a toddler which made him run around the house crying inconsolably. He hid in a closet rather than let me comfort him ~ not a performance I wanted to repeat.) Logan's ear did not improve as quickly as Matthew's had, but it did gradually get back to normal. Whew!


Margaret said...

Experienced motherhood has its benefits< doesn't it?


Jackie said...

zoikes! thatsa big ear! that happened to my nephew Alex as well, actually it happens every year. he's extremely sensitive to bug bites.

Susan T said...

Allergies cause strange reactions. About a yr ago, Glen's lips swelled up during the night. Before he left for work(5:30 a.m.) he woke me up to show me and ask what he should do. If I were not 3/4 asleep I would have wet my pants from laughing so hard. He looked and sounded like a white Fat Albert! Wish I would have taken a picture. I am so vain I would not have gone to work.

Melkhi said...

Thanks for the laugh Susan! Sorry Glen! :D

andie said...

You know, you just see some weird stuff in this business. The glands in one of my dds' neck swelled up to plum size at the slightest hint of infection for all of her preschool years. Terrifying the first time.

Melkhi said...

Hi Andie! That would be scary to see the first time!