Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday



Melkhi said...

Hi Phyllis

Oops, I absent-mindedly hit "reject" instead of "publish" with your comment and I can't undo it. Anyway, in answer to your questions: My boys are 11 and almost 10. They listened to the unabridged Rob Inglis recordings a couple of years ago and have been chomping at the bit to read LOTR on their own. I've been stalling them, but they just devoured the Hobbit a few weeks ago and grabbed LOTR before I caught on. They were squabbling over the book until their Grandma brought over her copy so that they don't have to share. I can see that in the next year or so, I should do the LOTR literary study available.

Mama Peep said...

I love this picture!!

My 6 yr old has been begging all morning to watch this movie today. I have been trying to track down the Inglis version for him to listen to. The 9 yr old has been trying to tackle the books as well. Perhaps I will start him on The Hobbit.

Patricia in WA

LisaWA said...

Such big books for their hands! Love LOTR here too!

Your Christmas stockings in the pictures below are so nice... did you make them?

Your little one has that look in his eye.... lol very cute...

Happy WW and Merry Christmas!!


Skeller said...

Oh! This is a precious photo!

Margie said...

What handsome and "intelligent" grandsons I have! I'm impressed with their choice of reading material.

Grandma Margie