Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Clearing out my sidebar to make room for yet more two-year old hilarity...

I am not a person. We are not people. I am Logan. (10/29/08)

In reference to the Ergo Carrier:
It hold ups me. (10/29/08)

In response to my teasing:
Mommy is just crazy! (10/14/08)

I want some apple spider. (10/11/08)

I want to go at the store and buy some money. (10/11/08)

Melissa attempts to sing to Logan to entertain him in the van on the cross-country trip. During all but two songs, Logan repeatedly shouts: That is not a song! (9/24/08)

Melissa to Logan: What did the clown's hair look like? Was it curly?
Logan, looking at the curly-headed member of our family: Uh huh. Evan is a clown. (9/20/08)

I am the baby van. You are the mommy van. (9/19/08)

I am not cute! I am sweet. (9/16/08)

Logan, stuck between the chair and the table: Woe is me. Woe is me. Woe is me. (9/11/08)

I am not a train. I am an SUV! (9/10/08)

Evan to Logan: Here is your Pooh Bear.
Logan: No! It's a bear!
Evan: Oh! here's your bear.
Logan: No! It's a Pooh Bear!!
Repeat 5 times. (9/8/08)

The electronic phonics toy: Press a button!
Logan: NO! (9/9/08 )

Logan, lying on the floor: I am a dead spider. (9/4/08)

James to Logan: Eat your soup
Logan: I'm too busy. (9/2/08)

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Nikki said...

Love the "Woe is me." I'm sure you all laugh at him all the time. Kids are so funny.