Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Believe It or Not

Logan stayed home with James on Saturday morning when I took the older kids to piano lessons. When we arrived back at home after the lessons, James had a story to tell.

You know how Logan calls apple cider "apple spider"'? Well, I gave him some applesauce to eat and went upstairs to do something.

He started shrieking, "Daddy! Come here! There's a spider on my appleboss!"

I went downstairs, thinking that he was just making something up to get my attention, but when I looked at his applesauce bowl, sure enough! There was a large spider perched on the rim!

There is such a thing as an apple spider!

Yesterday, Logan informed me, "I did see a shark! It was swimming in a swimming pool! It was taking a bath!"

"Where did you see the shark?" I asked.

"I did see the shark at the creek! It was swimming in a swimming pool! A lion did swallow it! He did eat it all up!"

And later...

"I did see a catfish! It was on the grass! A dog ATE the catfish!"


Jackie said...

too funny! mother was singing "hey daddy there's a hippo in the bathtub, mamma there's a grizzly in the lawn..." to lily while she was here. logan could write his own version! love the imagination that kid has!

Dell said...

That's funny! Maybe the spider had been listening and figured that was where he was SUPPOSED to be... in the apples of course!