Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am a busy hard worker man. (3/31/09)

Bye, Uncle Rich! Have a later! (3/29/09)

I drew a picture of Matthew. It is scary! (3/28/09)

James: Logan, what did you get after your haircut?
Logan: I got a popper (lollipop) which was not good for me. (3/13/09)

Logan, with a blanket on his head: I am a scary princess! (3/13/09)

Logan, thumbing through the novel My Antonia: This is a book about a man's breakfast.
Melissa: What did he eat for breakfast?
Logan: Lunch. (3/10/09)

Melissa catches sight of a coyote standing in a field. James pulls the van to the curb so that the kids can see.
Melissa: I'm pointing out a coyote to you.
Logan: Don't point it out! It's a nice coyote! (3/8/09)

Logan, calling back to Evan and Matthew sitting behind him in the van: "Are you okay? Are you comfortable?" (2/15/09)

Evan, watching Logan scrape his face with a Lego block: What are you doing, Logan?
Logan: I'm shaving. (2/5/09)

Logan, lying down on the floor mat at the front door: I'm going to lie down for a libble-it. This is a reason for a nap.
Melissa: Do you want to take a nap in your bed?
Logan: No, this is a reason for a nap. [Loose Translation: This is instead of a nap.] (1/31/09)

libble-it = "little bit"

Logan: This is mines!
Melissa: Yes it is.
Logan: Don't say that!
Melissa: Logan, I was agreeing with you.
Logan: It is not green! (1/10/09)

Olivia (2 yrs. old) did talk to me. She didn't listen to me, but she did talk to me. (12/29/08)

Logan: Mommy’s fat leg!
Melissa: Logan, don’t say that. Call it a skinny leg”
Logan: No! I can’t say that! (12/08)

Logan: Matthew, stop laughing! I telled you to not.
Melissa: Logan, why don't you laugh with him.
Logan: I'm too tired to laugh. (12/21/08)

Gazing into my eyes: I see Logan in your eyes! (12/16/08)

One-ee-and-a-two-ee-and-a! One-ee-and-a-two-ee-and-a! (12/3/08)

Wadding up a a dish towel and cradling it in his arms: Hi Molly! How are you, Molly? [Molly is my cousin's baby.] (12/2/08)

I want to go straight to bed. (11/16/08)

Logan, looking at a picture of horses: Horses do not have tails.
Melissa: Yes, horses have tails. See the tail behind the horse in this picture?
Logan: That is not a tail.
Melissa: What is it?
Logan: Feathers (11/9/08)

Melissa to Sophie: Play your review piece, "Go Tell Aunt Rhody."
Logan: I want to talk to Aunt Rhody! I want to talk to Aunt Rhody! (11/6/08)

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Raising Olives said...

I enjoy these types of posts and always think that I should write down what the kids say before I forget, but then I forget. I may have a memory problem.

Calling the horses tail "feathers" really cracked me up.