Monday, July 24, 2006

The First Week

Thank you to all who left such nice comments about the birth of Logan! It is wonderful that so many share in our joy!

Logan, so far, is very easy to take care of. He caught on to nursing very quickly. At night he goes right to sleep when we put him in his hammock after each feeding. Last night he nursed at 9:30 pm and then not again until 3:30 am. I can handle a schedule like that!

I was wrong to doubt his 8# 15 oz. weight at birth. He was 8# 5 oz. at the pediatrician's office on Monday, but when we took him back for his one week visit on Friday, he was already back up to 8# 10 oz. However, I was right to doubt his 22 3/4 inches length measurement at birth. A soft mattress is not an ideal surface for obtaining an accurate measurement!! At the doctor's office, Logan measured 21 1/4 inches.

The pediatrician told us not to worry about his blueness, either at birth, or in his legs for awhile afterwards when they hung below the level of his heart. He took Logan's pulse ox in both legs and it showed 96% in both. The doc said that he is a normal, healthy boy. Thank the Lord!

I began to feel better Saturday afternoon. I was surprised by how long I felt worn out and sore after Logan's delivery. My labor and delivery with him was more difficult than with my other children.

I decided that I felt up to attending church on Sunday, and especially wanted to hear my dad preach (guest preacher). It is so much easier getting ready for church in the morning with older kids to help out!! I had time to troubleshoot my bad hair (my hair wilted as soon as Logan was born and I'm in dire need of a haircut!) while Evan held Logan in the rocking chair.

When we arrived at church, I popped Logan into his Hotsling and he slept through the service! I'm already impressed with how comfortable the Hotsling is! I've attempted to use a NoJo sling before, both when I was a nanny and with my previous kids. I never liked it or any other carrier for that matter, because my neck and shoulders got sore too fast. The Hotsling has no ring and fits tighter and higher on the body. I haven't gotten sore from it yet!

My parents left this morning to fly back home. They both did so much to help out while they were here! My mom took over running the household: cooking, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc. while enjoying some of the babycare. My dad spent a lot of time with the older kids: going on a long bike ride or walk most every morning, helping Evan build a bird feeder, taking them to "Nickel a Play" (a library reading program award) and to the movie "Cars" etc. He sanded down our kitchen table top and finished it with five coats of polyurethane (looks nicer than brand new!) He also tackled an overgrown corner of our back yard, and with Evan's help, put in a river rock border around our little blue spruce and aspens. They added two boulders under the aspens that the kids can sit under. We will miss their company and help! It is nice that James still has some time off from work.

I've added more pictures to Logan's Log (click here). Forgive me if the amount of pictures seems to be overkill. Maybe I'm not very discerning as a proud parent.

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