Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Map It!

In our history studies, we are finally on to Ancient Greece. I set the kids up with the artograph and some maps of Ancient Greece to enlarge and copy them onto newsprint. They traced it in pencil, and I helped them to go over it with marker. If we did not have the artograph, we would have gone over to our church building and used the overhead projector to enlarge the maps.

Normally, I would never recommend owning a glass top table. Oh the dust! We bought our dining room table cheap through the classifieds. Right now, though, the glass is serving us well as a place to display the maps. We taped them upside down to the glass, then flipped the glass over, and Voila!



Now, we read around the table and point out the geographical locations that we come across on the big maps.

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my5wolfcubs said...

Awesome maps! We currently have 2 maps & a periodic table of the elements under our cheap plastic table cover, very convenient for looking things up during a dinner-time discussion. :) I bought my dd a lightbox for Christmas, next year I think I'll get her an artograph!