Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pictures from Our Late Morning Walk **Updated**



Evan took this picture. The squirrel smiled for him!

Copper Mallow by Evan

Yellow-headed Blackbird



Evan took this one of Logan. Of course, Logan smiled for him!

Dandelion and Bee by Evan

Black-crowned Night Heron

A better shot by Evan!


Margie said...


You're becoming a very good photographer. Your Mamma is a good teacher.

Kat said...

What amazing photos! I love the squirrel ones. All this on your nature walk? Very nice. And I love your new header...

Dell said...

Absolutely amazing photography! I've been enjoying these wonderful pictures lately and appreciate the vicarious nature walks!

By the way, when I look veeeerrrry closely at the bee picture Evan took... I'm sure that bee is smiling.

Meliss said...

Thanks everyone!

Evan probably knows more than I do about using the camera, because he actually read the manual (novel idea). :)

Yes, this was all on our walk today. I am so thankful that God sends some surprises our way!

Why, yes it is, Dell! Thanks for pointing it out! :)

Susan in va said...

I love the shot of the bee - considering I'm Melissophobic (that's "fear of bees" not "fear of Melissas") I'm particularly impressed that he got that close!

We don't see many honeybees around here anymore.

Nikki said...

Being a great photographer must run in the family. I can never get my photos to look that good.

JenIG said...

that is wonderful; what a perfect way to spend the day!
: )

I think I will be moving permanently over to blogger, I hope you visit!

Erin said...

You have such beautiful scenery around you house!

MamaMahnken said...

I have to agree with everyone else, I can see that photographic talent runs in your family! Thanks to both of you for sharing these beautiful pics! Veronica

Tina said...

Wow! I have never seen a yellow headed blackbird before.

Your son is quite the photographer. :)