Monday, May 12, 2008

Running the Gauntlet

One of these Sundays, we are actually going to be on time to church. It will be shocking!

Last Sunday, we were getting into the van ahead of schedule. Things looked promising. Then the kids started yelling that Logan got ahold of some lipstick. I put my purse next to him in the car, because it was more for him than for me. It held some toy cars and a snack for church. However, I didn't realize that there was an old lipstick still in the purse. Sigh. I took him inside and tried to pull the lipstick color out of his shirt instead of rubbing it into the cloth. His sleeve was stained pink, and his vest had a pinkish wet splotch on the front. He didn't much like having his face wiped. I did the best I could and then off we went. We weren't terribly late, but still late.

This Sunday, to make a long story short, an emergency bath took place at the time we wanted to leave. When we finally arrived at church, there was still a row of chairs available. As we sat down, I noticed a black plastic square on the floor, but it looked harmless. Just minutes later, Logan walked up to James and me with ink smeared on his hands and face. The black plastic square was an ink stamp pad! Gak! Who brings an INK PAD to church?! Logan had also stepped on it and smeared ink on the carpet. James ran Logan to the bathroom to wash him up as I used baby wipes to get ink out of the carpet.

Sunday mornings can be hectic!


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I totally know what you mean and I only have ONE kid who is 13!!! Seems I am always is frustrating!!!

And I agree with you on the ink pad!!! Who brings one to church?

Julie said...

yep, that's us too. (and i think whomever is the proud owner of said ink pad should be the one cleaning it out of the carpet!) i'm probably giving us some sort of horrible jinx, but we haven't had an emergency sunday morning bath in a while ...

miss you guys lots!

Anne said...

LOL! We had a record Sunday yesterday. We were in the van on time with no emergencies and no yelling! Amazing. :)
Your Logan is just the cutest with those big brown eyes.

Anne said...

Wait. Are they brown? Well, very sweet whatever color they are. :)