Tuesday, July 29, 2008

View in the Van

Our recent road trip involved four long days in the van. Snapping pictures with the digital camera proved to be an entertaining way to pass some of the time.

Matthew shared some of his Crayola Model Magic with the other kids.



Duck by Michelle

Plate by Sophie

Sophie and Logan used a water-filled pen to color pre-painted pictures (Rose Art Aqua Pix). When they lost the pen, I had them use a wet wipe. Logan also colored with Color Wonder markers and paper.


Playing with a reed...


Next time: When Logan got a little stir-crazy...


lynardlynard said...

Love these pix! I remember packing up the paint-with-water books and other tiny activities that the kids had never seen before to pass the time. Once, I made bags with "secrets" and they could only pull one thing out per half hour. That kept them busy for a while. We didn't have those cool tables, though!

Traveling with teenagers now means packing pillows (they sleep more than toddlers) and rockin' CDs. We still play the car games, though. :-)

|||||| lynard

KathyJo said...

Okay, I must know: where did you fine those car desks?? We thankfully haven't had to make any long car trips lately, but those would be handy! Love the pics.

Johanna said...

Hi there! I was wondering where you got those lap desks?? Those pics are so relateable! But, you had some great travel ideas!
if you have time, could you please email us with the desk info!!
God bless!

Meliss said...

I originally bought a tray from Rite Aid which went out of business. The next two I ordered from a school supply catalog, but they have stopped selling them. I saw some in a toy store called Learning Express, but that was several years ago. Last year, my aunt told me that she saw some in Kmart. I checked out Kmart online, but did not find any there. I bought a different kind of portable desk with foldable legs and a storage compartment for my oldest son last year from the clearance section of Office Max (or Office Depot...can't remember.)

I did Google and found some at amazon.com, but they are more expensive than what I paid for them!