Friday, July 11, 2008

Yours and "Mines"

I guess, according to toddler logic, if "yours" has an "s" on the end, so should "mine". Logan turns two years old next week, and he has been saying (or shrieking) "mines" a lot more about things.

On the way home from an evening soccer practice this week, James and the kids stopped in a store to buy some cleats for Evan (who now has bigger feet than me and is wearing Men's size 8). Upon arriving home, the kids had to tell me about Logan's antics. He picked up the "foot measuring thing" and rocked it in his arms. James told him to put it down, and Logan bent over it and started asking it, "Are you tired, man?"

The pitter patter of little feet...

toddling over to the window...

to talk to his reflection!

Yesterday, Logan talked on the phone with James. He looked around, thinking of things to say. His eyes fell on Sophie, and he told his daddy, "Sophie is a monster." Sophie, of course, started giggling as only she can, and Logan informed James, "Sophie is being naughty."

An oft-repeated phrase in Logan's repertoire is "What happened?!" He asks us that question whenever we do or say things that he just doesn't understand. For instance, this morning I dropped a plate on the floor and he asked, "What happened?!" until I explained in words that I had dropped a plate.

Recently, Evan cut his finger badly, and while we were getting ready to go to the ER for stitches, Logan gave Evan hugs, kisses, pats on the head, and toys to comfort him. He asked him, "Do you need a kiss? Do you need some Tylenol?"

This afternoon, I took Logan to a pediatric orthotist who adjusted Logan's shoe inserts. Logan played with a wall maze, pushing red balls (which he called "red fireworks") around the paths, and pushing and twisting buttons and knobs. He told me several times, "This is a computer loading!"

Logan seemingly eats very little, but eats more when he is distracted. We often let him play with cars or draw at the table, because more food actually ends up in his mouth.


This evening, after Sophie had eaten, she fed Logan bites while she drew for him on a white board. Logan calls our van "the blue van", but since Sophie had a green marker, he ordered her, "Draw a green 'blue van'!"

More fun Logan-speak can be found in the sidebar!


SKELLER said...

What a doll he is!! Down the road, you're gonna love yourself for putting down all this adorable-ness in words!

Michelle said...

Heeheehee. I read Logan's cutisms on the sidebar too. Tears are in my eyes from laughing. He is smart too - copy kitty. Hee. I'm glad that Sophie kept her head and reminded Logan (and James) that butterflies don't bite. I love your family. :)

JenIG said...

that is so emphatically cute. i mean, most toddlers are cute and all, but i am serious when i say that yours might be a little cuter than most.
: )

Meliss said...

Awww, thanks guys!

Anne said...

So cute! I love this age. I think they're even more fun with the older siblings to join the fun. :)

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

"are you tired man" oh, those are priceless. I'm sure later you'll be glad you are keeping this journal so you can relay this stuff back to him later. Too funny.