Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My collection of memorable quotes from Logan for June, July & August:

* 8/31/08 - "I want sugar, though." (sugar = yogurt)

* 8/31/08 - Logan: "Kids! Be Quiet! Daddy is Sleeping!"..."I am going to go get them in trouble."

* 8/29/08 - "I want not a bite."

* 8/27/08 - Doctor to Logan: "Say 'Ah' really big." Logan, in tiny voice: "Ah really big."

* 8/27/08 - "There's a bird! It poops, huh?"

* 8/17/08 - "Don't smile at my face."

* 7/19/08 - James: "We are crossing the Pawpaw River." Logan: "It's a doggie river."

* 7/16/08 - Logan singing: "Have a birthday to me!"

* 7/12/08 - Logan, with wide eyes and in a whisper: "The secret is coming."

* 7/12/08 - Logan: "I have an owie."
Melissa: "How did you get an owie?"
Logan: "A butterfly bite"
James: "Hurry! Get the butterfly venom antidote!"
Sophie: "Logan, butterflies don't bite!"

* 7/7/08 - Melissa to Logan: "Logan, if you finish your vegetables, you may have some strawberries." Logan: "I am a daddy robin! I am bouncing like a daddy robin!"

* 7/2/08 - Melissa to Logan: "Copycat!" Logan: "Copykitty!"

* 6/23/08 - Evan: "Logan, do you want some jicama?" Logan: "No. Trash!"

* 6/21/08 - "Appleboss" = applesauce; "Ephelant" = Elephant ; "Strawbeddies" = Strawberries; "Ef-uh-dee" = SUV

* 6/19/08 - Logan: "Penguin, please!" Melissa: "Sophie can you translate?" Sophie: "He calls mango 'penguin'." (Now we eat Black Bean Penguin Salsa.)

* 6/8/08 - Out of the blue: "Jackie's foot broke off." (My sister recently fractured her foot.) We assured Logan that her whole foot did not break off!

* 6/6/08 - "Helicopter cut grass... People live on airplane. Say 'Bye people!'"

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Nikki said...

My favorite is Logan saying, "Ah really big."

Susan in va said...

ROFL!!! "Ah really big" was also my favorite! Although, the image of him saying "NO" to the electronic phonics toy made me LOL, too :D:D

Kids are so much funnier than we are, aren't they?

Lisawa said...

Oh I’m dyin! I would love to hear that voice.... kids are so darn cute!!!

My friends daughter.. when learning the alphabet.... when she got to w and u she sang double me *Ü* not double u...

Ahhh I love little people.... they help us to not take things to seriously... ya know...


I am Joy. said...

Those are great! Our 2yo used to say, "It's S!" when the UPS truck would come to the house. He eventually graduated to oo-pee-ess. We used to have that same electronic phonics toy, but my children kept pressing the button before it would finish saying "button". "Press a butt. Press a butt." Repeat enough times to make you quickly put the toy in the Good Will box!