Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes, I am a Notebook Nerd

Here is further proof that I am easily entertained and a little obsessive about notebooks:

Last year I did not buy the student response books for Sequential Spelling. We just used regular notebook paper in 3-ring binders. See previous post if you want to know what my opinion is of 3-ring binders.

This year I bought three student response books which are set up specifically for Sequential Spelling. When I received the books, I knew I'd have to make some improvements. The covers were not sturdy enough and boring white. To personalize each child's notebook, I printed out some pictures of the owner on regular paper and taped them on the cover. (If I didn't personalize the covers, the kids would be guaranteed to write in the wrong notebook more than once.) To make the covers last longer, I covered them with contact paper.

front cover

back cover

Like I said, I'm easily entertained.


Erin said...

Wow, I very impressed! It seems like you do a great job of homeschooling and are really dedicated to it. I really admire that! I don't know how you do it all!

Jenny in Ca said...

you are so clever!

I love notebooks, too- I am too lazy to do much about it though, except go buy pretty ones.

What a sweet thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Oh - this is a fantastic idea! I need to get some contact paper for our response books!

Julie said...

ooh, i love contact paper. =) in college i used to make a collage (ha! i can spell sometimes!) of pictures, quotes, etc. of fun stuff pertaining to the subject for each of my notebooks - so fun and so much easier to tell them apart! maybe next year you can let the kids do their own covers for an art project. =)

Dell said...

Great idea! We use the same program, and I should do the same thing to ours! Fantastic idea!