Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodbye Aunt Gerry

Here is a different family reunion picture from the 1980's, showing my dad's parents with their three children and families. On the way home from the reunion of my mom's family last week, we got the news that my Aunt Gerry, pictured third from the left in the top row, had died in her sleep after suffering for two years with ALS.

Aunt Gerry's memorial service was held on Wednesday of this week. We were not mourning for her, because she is with Jesus her Savior and is no longer suffering, but we grieved together, because she will be greatly missed.

We will especially be keeping her mother, her brother, her husband Alan, and her children, Tammy, Laurel, and Rick and their families in our prayers. They have always been a tightly knit family, which is a blessing in that they have many good memories, but also makes her loss very difficult.

Aunt Gerry and my cousin Tammy in 2006


Tammy H said...

Thanks, Meliss! So glad your family's love and support.

lynardlynard said...

Thanks for the pictures. I couldn't put a face with the name. It is good to see your Grandpa Ray's face, too. We miss him. Thanks for the testimony.

JenIG said...

I'm sorry for the loss, but I'm praising God with you that she was a believer.