Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandma Nadzieja's 90th Birthday


Here is my beautiful 90 year old Grandma Nadzieja enjoying the Open House in her honor at the Home. (She is sitting with my sister, Jen, as well as Evan and Matthew.) The evening before, all of her visiting relatives gathered for dinner, entertainment, and fond reminiscence.

All pictures below courtesy of photographer Matthew David Carter:

Grandma with her children (left to right) Rosalie, Bob, Margaret (my mom), David & Barbara

Grandma with her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren (only one grandchild and his family were not present)

My parents Bruce & Margie

My own family

My sister Loey with husband Craig and children Anastasia & James

My sister Jen with husband Brian and children Seb & Oren

My sister Jackie with husband Luke and children Noah & Lily


Jackie said...

all those pictures were really nice. except for my family's...zoikes.

Margie said...

Thank you, Melissa, for posting all the pictures you have. Can I get copies of them?

House Of Boy & Girl said...

It's really fun to see pictures of all of you girls with your families!

Anonymous said...

How funny - our Grandma's turned 90 the same month! What day was your G'ma's bday? My Grandma's was Oct. 9th.

She's a BEAUTIFUL lady - I just love the photo of all of the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. At my Grandma's party, when we were all together and it was quiet for a moment, I looked at her and said, "Now look at what you got started."

I think the Lord has richly blessed BOTH of our Grandmas, don't you? :)

Meliss said...

Hi Michelle!

Hi Susan!

Yes, our Grandmas are very close! Grandma's b-day was Sept. 26th.

And yes, God has blessed them indeed! I like how you put it!