Sunday, November 30, 2008


Museum Volunteer to James: Are you an intern?

Ken to Volunteer: He's in his mid-forties!

Volunteer to Ken: No, he's got to be in his twenties!

James: Well actually, I'm forty.

Ken: He's been working for the department for almost twenty years!

Volunteer to James: You look so young!

James: You are not the first person to say that.


Margie said...

Hey James,

You look much more mature to me than you do in the picture that was taken when you and Melissa were engaged!

Dy said...

LOL! Yep, Zorak gets that too. Funny, I don't. Ever. Hmpf.

Meliss said...

Yeah, people used to make comments about both James and me, but now it is just about James. I wish there were middle ground for me between looking very young and then rather middle-aged. ;-)