Friday, November 07, 2008

Mistaken Identities

Alternate Post Title: I Used to be a Blond

Alternate Alternate Post Title: A Laugh at My Expense

I really need to pay closer attention to what I am doing in the kitchen.

I like to make homemade chocolate pudding occasionally. Recently while stirring my pudding on the stovetop, the mixture started to foam up when it got hot rather than thickening. I quickly removed the saucepan from the burner, perplexed at the crazy pudding. I looked around at the ingredients on the counter, realizing then that I had grabbed the wrong yellow box and had mixed in baking soda rather than cornstarch.

I know...DUH!

This morning, I swept the high traffic areas of the floors and, noticing some sticky spots, I grabbed the Bona spray floor cleaner to spot-mop. After mopping, I wondered at the strange smell in the kitchen and noticed that my feet were sticking to the mopped areas. I looked up at the counter, and got a closer look at the white spray bottle that I had grabbed: "Stainless Steel Magic" (No, we don't have stainless steel flooring.) The bottle also read, "Gently Polishes!" I'm thankful for the gentle part and that it did not take the finish off of the wood floor.

Double Duh!


Anonymous said...

These stories reminded me of a story my mom told me - she was in labor and getting ready to go to the hospital to give birth to her favorite daughter (*wink-wink*), and instead of using hairspray to fix her hair, she used WINDEX!!!

So, you're not alone ;)

lynardlynard said...

Once when the kids were young, I assigned the oldest who was 5 or 6 to dust the livingroom. I armed him with dusting spray and a cloth. He interrupted my cleaning in the kitchen to tell me the dusting was not working; it was making a mess. I told him to use more spray and rub harder and sent him away. Well, long story short: I had given him a can of OFF (bug spray) that was the same color lid as the dusting spray. The finish on the leather-inset coffee table was never the same after that, and I always worried that I had exposed my young son to dangerous levels of inhaled bug repellent!

Btw, stainless steel flooring sounds promising. Maybe you have an idea there.

Meliss said...

Great stories, Susan and Lynne! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Maybe it is just a mom thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's funny that a someone named "Lynne" made the second comment - my name is Susan Lynne! Spelled with an "e" too! Strange...