Thursday, February 22, 2007

But He Smiled!

My oldest three children love to make their baby brother smile. The problem, though, is that they think that his smile is a justification for any of their actions.

Case in point: This morning one of my sons screamed like a ringwraith in the house. I told him to stop making that horrendous noise. He replied, "But Mom! Logan smiled!"

Speaking of Logan, he is fascinated with shadows right now. This morning he smiled with delight watching the shadow of my lips move as I talked to him. This afternoon, he lay on his tummy on the floor near a pool of sunlight trying to grasp leaf shadows cast by a bush outside the window.

I'll make a wild guess that Logan's first word will be "No." When he is bothered by something, he shakes his head emphatically from side-to-side. Of course, he also does it sometimes just to entertain himself.

I don't know if this child will ever need to learn to walk on his own. The older kids certainly enjoy carrying him around. Sophie likes to wrap her arms around him under his armpits and "give him a tour" around the room by lifting him up and setting him down on his feet while she walks on her knees. And today, for the first time, Evan put on the Ergo baby carrier (adjusted to its smallest circumference) and carried Mr. Fussy around a good bit. (Logan had a fever earlier this week and now has a rash. Must be Roseola.) I enjoyed seeing my baby carrying my baby. Logan gazed adoringly up at his big brother. Tonight before bed, all three kids took turns carrying Logan around, giggling as he kicked the air wildly and babbled.

The youngest child gets a lot of attention!

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