Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One of THOSE Days

It has been a topsy-turvy day in many ways. This morning, while I ate breakfast, Logan bounced manically happily in the Jumparoo on loan from Elijah. ("He" traded the exersaucer for it.) After a while, I noticed his eyelids drooping. bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy Head drooping. Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy Eyes closing. bouncy bouncy Eyes Closed. Still bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy!

I grabbed my camera, snapped a few shots and took a video. In keeping with the topsy-turvy day, it is sideways. (Youtube will only do horizontal frames and I forget and hold my camera vertical.) If you have a laptop, turn it sideways. If not, I'm sorry...

The piano music you hear in the background is Evan practicing.

This afternoon, we began the ordeal process of getting everything and everyone into the van to go to Sophie's cello lesson. CelloX ChairX Hair brushedX Socks and ShoesX CoatsX Books for boys to readX Feed LoganX ...and...Change LoganX Coat and hat for LoganX ...At this point, Evan informed me that the car seat was not in the van. I called James to inquire as to its whereabouts. He informed me that it was indeed in the van. I question Evan and find out that he meant Matthew's booster seat, not Logan's car seat. Trip still a go. Put Logan in carseatX Spit ragX CheckbookX WalletX KeysX Ask Sophie if cello and chair are FOR SURE in the back of the vanX.

We arrive at cello teacher's house. Unsack the cello...

in the bag! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (Okay that was in my head.) Why is it that the one time I do not ask if the bow is in the bag or check myself, it is not in the bag?! All the other times that I've checked it has been there. Sigh. The teacher looked at me with raised eyebrows, blinking and shrugging. I asked, "Pizzicato?"

After Sophie's lesson was cut short by the teacher who could not think of enough to do without the bow, we drove home. I very clearly instructed two of the children to put the cello and chair inside the door, come straight back and get buckled again. One child was to get #1 the Ergo and #2 the shopping list on the refrigerator. I stayed with Logan in the van. Children ran inside.

I waited.

I tapped the horn.

One child came back. Another child appeared at the door, and I inquired as to the whereabouts of the other delinquent brother who was to come straight back. He had taken his boots off. We waited for him to reshod and get in.

We drove to the store. I reached for items to take into the store. As I picked up the "shopping list" my eyes focused on...

(That was in my head again.) My chest began to hurt.

We drove back home. The miscreant child who got the mists lixed up ran in and got the real shopping list. I looked at it carefully and turned the van back around...

We're okay, and I'm hoping that we are right side up now.

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