Tuesday, April 24, 2007


An Actual Conversation At Our House Today:

"Mom, can 3 go into 11?"


"I wish it did, because then the answer to this problem would be right."

An Actual Product Available At Our Local Grocery Store:

Yes, I'm going dairy free for now as well as gluten-free permanently. This chocolate is actually good.

The Wait is Killing Me:

Not really. But I seem to be thinking more about Evan's upcoming piano performance than Evan himself. Of course, he is a ten year old boy!

This past weekend, we attended a seminar at our church and Evan played his pieces for the attendees. I was thrilled that he performed them nearly flawlessly under pressure. (He bowed when he was done and ran out of the room while people were still clapping.) I hope he plays that well this week!

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