Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to the Books

The first day back to book work after a break always presents extra challenges on the attitude front in our household for the Mom and the kids. The older children needed some firm direction down the path of listening and quick and cheerful obedience. The Mom had to apologize and repent of a lost temper. The toddler needed the comfort of the Ergo and Mom's back to stop a meltdown (the first time this school year.)

Last weekend, we received our Latin Prep 1 books in the mail. Hurray! Today Evan, Matthew and I delved into the first chapter and right away found it more captivating than Latina Christiana. The book threw the students (including me) into translation on the first page, which on first impression, I found to be a refreshing way towards learning both vocabulary and grammar. Incidentally, Logan's meltdown occurred when we attempted to do Latin. We continued after I strapped him to my back, standing as I worked through the lesson with the boys, while allowing Logan to rattle the blinds behind me for entertainment.

In the afternoon, during Logan's nap, the kids sat at the kitchen table, each drawing a rendition of Sargon the Great while I read that chapter in Story of the World and a section about the Sumerians, the Semites and Sargon in A Picturesque Tale of Progress. Sophie then orally narrated the story of Sargon, while the boys each typed their own summary. I had the boys go ahead and make their corrections before concluding school.

100_3831 100_3832 100_3833
1. by Evan 2. by Matthew 3. by Sophie

Sargon the Great E
Evan's Summary

Sargon the Great
(by Matthew)

Sargon was raised in a city-state called Kish. When he grew up he convinced the army to follow him instead of the king. Then he convinced the army to kill the king. He made himself king and conquered the rest of Sumer which he ruled along with all the land of the Semites. This was the first empire. He called it Akkadia after his capital city Akkad. He kept his leadership by having the military enforce his laws.

(This is not all that we did today, school-wise, just the highlights with some "lowlights.")


Anonymous said...

Man. Coming back from a break can be so demoralizing. After two weeks of field trips, the girls were ready! And then the next week began. Where did my eager, smiling girls go?? Where? Who are these belligerent beasts? Sorry. All better now. How are you all in the far, far away land?

Becky who can't remember if she has an account or anything she can use to identify herself Hemphill

Melkhi said...

I'm both glad and sorry that we are not alone, Becky. :}

...waving to you from a distant land.