Monday, October 29, 2007

Musical Masquerade

We were a little concerned when the Saturday piano recital did not start on time and the program was two pages long. James didn't want to miss seeing the Rockies getting defeated by the Red Socks! He clapped very enthusiastically, though, when the pieces didn't take very long. :)

Recital Finery

Sophie played Cleopatra's Lament. Matthew played Arabesque by Burgmuller. Evan played Toccatina by Kabalevsky. The video of their recital performances are linked in the sidebar (along with a video of Evan playing harmonica.)

Matthew's costume is open to interpretation. Some say "Soggy Bottom Boy" (a man of constant sorrow). Some say "ZZ Top" (a sharp-dressed man). Some say "Grandpa Bruce" (needing a trim). Matthew himself says "A Spy". Think what you like!

And Logan?

Note the feet. Logan was a Hobbit Baby. (Though someone asked if he belonged to Jonathan and Marty.)


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Their costumes look so good...and I definitely thought the one in the middle was ZZ top!!! I'm singing the song in my head right now. *...everybody's crazy bout a sharp dressed man...*

Jackie said...

the costumes are all so great and creative! the kids played really well too. who knew piano recitals could be such fun!

Susannah said...

LOL! They are awesome!!! The hobbit baby is tooooooo adorable!

I vote "Soggy Bottom Boy" ;)

LisaWA said...

Cute costumes.... and I thought ZZ top too! lol Kids are so fun!


Tina said...

That is too cute!