Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Awake Now

Just a little bit ago, I went to lie down on the couch for a short "power nap" before starting some school planning. I picked up a folder labeled "Princess Stories" lying on the couch, and curious as to its contents, I opened it, hoping to read a good nap-time story. The story caught me off guard, sleepiness dissipating as I laughed to the point of tears. I must share with you the story of...

"The Very Horrible Girl Fairy"
by Sophie

There was once a very bad fairy who was turned into a plain girl for her punishment. Some people took her into their house for a party, but they got black eyes, so they decided not to be her friends. (Now, this is a very short story, so it is about to end.) The people took her and threw her into a lake, and that was the end of her. They were put in jail for doing that, and they so-called lived happily ever after, but they were so miserable that they died later.


Diane said...

That is so funny. Loved it. :)

Anne Shaw said...

That's great! Lucy Maud Montgomery probably started out in much the same way! :)
Have you ever seen the book "The Young Visiters" by Daisy Ashford, a precocious, Victorian child author? It is hilarious. Sophie's writing reminded me of it. :)

Chris said...

She is very creative, she is lucky to be able to write the way she wants and not to have to fit into a mold.

Anonymous said...

All the components of a great story: someone gets a black eye; someone winds up in a lake, and; the author makes fun of convention. She's well on her way to stardom!

--John Marshall

Hillary said...

My favorite line:

"Now, this is a very short story, so it is about to end."

Good job, Sophie!