Thursday, January 03, 2008

Look Who's Forty


Dawn said...

What a treasure! I'm sure he loved the trip down memory lane.

John & Linde said...

well, i guess logan wasn't adopted, huh. sheesh. talk about a spittin image.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I just watched the whole thing!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that...first, Happy Birthday to hubby. What a gem. Looks truly like God has blessed you and James with a loving family. :)

I want to do one of these slide show deals myself...I've seen yours before and they are so good. Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions? How long did it take you to scan all these in? I would love to do this, but I know it would take a lot of time. These pics were obviously BEFORE digital (Or I'm sure a lot of them were) so did you just scan them in one by one or was there an easier way to do it? Also,is this service free to do this at onetrue media? I will have to check it out..but thought you may be able to offer me some tips, if you have time.

Again, I truly enjoyed the trip down your family's memory lane. What a blessing :)


Melkhi said...

Hi John & Linde

No kidding! James' genes are definitely dominant in this family.

Hi Dana

Yes, this slide show took me forever to put together. :) I was able to put two or three pictures on the scanner at once. Then I edited the pictures to improve them, because of their age. One thing I realized at the end, was that my scanner was part of the problem. It actually puts a grain on my pictures. I thought it was picking up some degradation of the pictures themselves, but nope... just not a good scanner. The pictures look okay for these slide shows, but wouldn't look as good if I turned them into a photo book.

Anyway, you can do these for free at that site. I am at this time paying a small monthly fee to access some extra features. The choices of music are fairly slim pickings. They have a lot of music, just not what I want on my slide shows. You could upload your own music, but I haven't messed with that, because I don't want to break copyright law. I think that is probably why their music choices are slim pickings.

I want to do a montage for Evan's birthday in the spring. I need to get started soon on scanning. Just a little at a time. Of course, now I know about my scanner problem. Pffffft.

I did order James' montage on dvd and it looks better than what you see on the computer. A non-wide screen tv cuts off the borders more. I could have arranged the photos with that in mind, but since James' old photos were already centered poorly, I decided not to take that into consideration. We have played it on the computer which does not cut off the edges, but it doesn't play as well as on the tv.

I want to order Matthew's 10 year and Logan's 1st year slide shows sometime. Sophie's can be updated every year, then I'll order it when she is ten. I still need to do Evan's, but he wants to help me with it! :)


COMomma said...

Happy Birthday, James!

Melissa - but does he LOOK 40 yet? Or will that happen in another ten years?

Margaret said...


I've got a cold and can't sing Happy Birthday so you're spared that today! It's evident from this video of your life that God has brought blessings to you through family. I am so thankful that you are teaching your children what you were taught before them. I fully expect God to keep His promises and that baring Christ's return your children will teach their children "...what they before were told"


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...


Thank you so much for answering my questions. I am aiming to do one of these for Brandon's 13th birthday (but that is only two weeks away!!!) and maybe one for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in a few years...that would be so neat.

The slide shows you have done are truly inspiring.

I had to say that I loved James' mom comment too. I don't know your family, but just through this blog and it is evident to me, through this slide show of exactly what his mom said - God has brought blessings to you and James through family and in his family before yours. What a testimony to God's faithfulness! Truly uplifting to me.

I was also lucky enough to be raised in a Christian household and have parents who taught and raised me that way. I hope I can do as good a job with my son. Anyway, sorry I've overtaken your comments, but I just wanted you to know you and your family do inspire me :)

God bless you.

KathyJo said...

Happy Birthday to the mister! :) I plan to avoid 40 and instead celebrate the anniversary of my 39th birthday. Starting back over at one seems a fine idea.

Gayle said...

Wow! Melissa, this was such an awesome project that you put together!!
Just watching his life showed how much of a blessing he has received thus far.
Beautiful work!

lynard said...

Wow, this was a lot of work. You did a superb job. James has such a valuable wife! ;-)

FYI: Scanners need to have high dpi/lpi capabilities to do print-quality scanning. It also takes a lot of RAM and hard drive space on your PC. If you have a MAC, iMovie, which is standard software, does a beautiful job with this kind of project, and allows you to use any music that you wish. Then, you can package it and offload it with iDVD to play on your DVD player.

|||||| lynard

Tina said...

What a wonderul show, and I am happy to hear you got a DVD also. :o)

What a blessing you are.

Happy Birthday Melissa's Hubby!