Monday, January 07, 2008

Pictures from our Merry Christmas in the New Year

1. Evan and Conner wear their dads' old school sweatshirts.
2. Josi is thrilled to receive a new Kumon activity book.
3. Tired Toddler...
4. Meltdown!
5. Josi, Angi, Sophie
6. Sophie reads Richard Scarry to Josi.
7. Pucker up...
8. to kiss the kitty cat!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing the pix. They are cute. I like the kitty getting a kiss! We had fun. Now I need to get busy on Conner's Bday plans! Talk soon.

COMomma said...

So how is school going? Are you all back into the swing of things?


Nan said...

Melkhi!! You won the Kaboost! I'm e-mailing you right now!