Thursday, June 19, 2008

Logan - Speak

5/29/08 - Logan, commenting on his shorts: "Camo shorts. Clouds on it."

5/29/08 - Logan, talking to me about his cousin Josi: "I love her. She has hair. She eats food. She sleeps."

5/23/08 - "Daddy fly up in the air." (James was not able to oblige, but he and Logan did jump together. Logan was able to get his feet off the floor.)

Logan, when Sophie paused in her piano playing: "PRACTICE!!"

While banging on his scooter with a block: "Fix the van."

Me: "The sausage is yummy."
Logan: "Chloclate is yummy."

Logan: "Monster coming"
The family: "Oh no! Scary!"
Logan: giggle, giggle

Logan' comment when enjoying a bite he was eating: "This tastes gross." (He must have older siblings!)

Logan, to Evan practicing piano: "COUNT!"

James: "Can you say 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'?"
Logan: "Okay. Docious."

Logan catching sight of mountains as we were driving: "Mountains. Wow! Blue."

While looking out a window: "Mama doesn't eat grass."

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