Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Toddler Can Read My Mind (and Other Thoughts)

Yesterday evening, Logan sat facing me when Sophie walked by. I looked at her, admiring her new casual dress that I bought for $6.80 at Kohl's (Score!) Logan wasn't looking at Sophie, but at my face. He said, "You like Sophie's dress." How did he know what I was thinking?!

I'm blogging right now, because I'm toast. Since we are on a summer break from schoolwork, I have started exercising again. I have been doing a fifteen minute T-Tapp workout, but this morning, I did the forty minute T-Tapp Total Workout. At first it felt great to be the "good kind" of sore, but now exhaustion has set in along with the soreness. I'm off to a good start, though, and I know from past experience that this exercise will get me in shape and more energetic! I thought I'd have to go through the instructional video about the exercises first to re-learn the workout, but I guess it is like riding a bike: my muscles remember what to do.

If you could look inside my refrigerator and freezer now, you would see another sign that we are on summer break. The organization and shining clean are beautiful to behold. Yeah, my kids think I'm a little strange too. Don't get me wrong, I did clean out my refrigerator during the school year, but not to this extent.

It is nice to get more cleaning and organization done, but I'm not getting as much done as I had hoped. I still have a toddler and a lot of distracting interruptions. But really, I'd rather have my toddler and the interruptions of my family than have a perfectly organized house!

James recently gave me an occasion to laugh my head off. While at the CO Railroad Museum, he walked out of the men's bathroom to come suddenly face-to-face with upon a woman in a burqa. He was so startled that he jumped, and then embarrassed by his reaction, he nervously said, "Hi." I think the burqa somewhat defeated the woman's desire not to be noticed. James certainly noticed her more than any other woman around!

This is an unusual post for me without pictures, but new pictures are up at Colorado Kids.


Dell said...

That's hillarious about Logan being a mind reader! Amazing how good children are at guessing our thoughts from our faces. (Kinda scary sometimes.)

I too have been mostly doing the 15 minute t-tapp but threw in the 40 minute a few times a couple weeks ago, and was entirely exhausted after it. OOF. That is WORK.

Nikki said...

You really do have a smart son. Just remember when he said your favorite sentence, "Daddy change dipey."

That's my kind of that can read my mind. He'll make someone very happy one day. :)

Meliss said...

Hi Dell

Yes, Logan did amaze me with his comment!

Are you going to continue trying to do the 40 minute workout regularly, or just stick with the 15 minute until Kieran is older?

Hi Nikki

You crack me up! Yes, mind-reading might be a handy skill for him someday! ;-)

Dell said...

Well...I'd been doing GREAT on the 15 minute for a month or so--5-6 days a week. Then... OOF! Last week (or was it the week before that?) I tried the full 40 minute for a couple days. Uh... since those fateful days I um... I haven't done ANY T-Tapp--at all. I kinda did myself in... took a day off, and the day became 2... and the 2 days became 3, and then it was, "T-Tapp? What's that?"

Next week I'm determined to return to 15, and stay there for a good long time. 15 minutes I really will DO would be sooo much better than 40 minutes I avoid.

Monday--I WILL get back at it monday.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Love the new look of your blog! Beautiful pictures. I need to customize mine, but I don't know how without hiring someone to do it. Maybe someday...

I just started a new blog, you'll have to check it out - it isn't private (the new one).

That is so funny about Logan and I like the side bar there where you wrote you things he says. I have a journal for Brandon where I did that for years...I stopped quite some time ago, but I lvoe going back and reading the things he used to say. You'll treasure that later.

Oh, and I joined that One
True Media finally...I made another video. I am so happy with that site. I love it. You'll have to check out the video - it is on my new site.