Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Works for Me: Template Tweaking

My blogging friend "Sunshine" recently commented that she needed to customize her blog, but didn't yet know how to go about it . I thought I'd post some links here that have helped me to tweak my own template.

The number one help to me in customizing my own blog has been the free e-book The Cheat's Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates written by Amanda at Blogger Buster. Amanda has written clear step-by-step instructions to get the job done. I followed her instructions to a "T" in the basic layout of this template (though I did go one step further in widening it) and am quite happy with the results. In fact, since Amanda regularly posts helpful tutorials on building a better blogger blog, I highly recommend searching her archives at Blogger Buster.

Blogger Buster works for me!

Next Wednesday, if there is interest, I will post some links that helped me to design my current blog header...


ttelroc said...

Ok - I'll do it!! I'm dying to customize my blogger site. Thanks so much!!


Shanda said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll be heading over to check it out.

Capturing Today said...

Great links - thank you for posting this info. I'd love to hear your header story - I've done quite a bit of tweaking to my blog, but the header is holding me back!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Finally got around to checking out your post Melissa. Like I said, I'm on vacation so not much time to have internet access. I will check out the site. Thanks so much for it. I really want to use some of my pictures for my header!
I would love any other links or advice you can spare :)