Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bedtime Conversation

It has been a little over two weeks since my kids' good friend Michael died. Sophie told me a couple of times over the past week that she felt sad and missed Michael. I couldn't tell as well what the boys were thinking or feeling. Last night, when the boys went to bed, I asked Evan what he was thinking about Michael. Right away, his tears came. He told me that his best memory of Michael was the fort that they worked on together. Both he and Matthew cried for awhile and I stood up and bent down between the two bunks, giving hugs. After a while, remembering how Michael's dad sang Psalms to Michael on his last night, I sang Psalms 23 and 139 out of the Psalm book by the light of the boys' night light. The Psalms quieted our hearts and we talked for a little longer before the boys went to sleep.

As a homeschool mom, I spend a lot of time with my kids during the day, but I need to remember that bedtime can often be a time of deeper reflection and personal conversation with my children.

And we all miss Michael.

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Sep. 13, 2005 - I am so sorry

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That is so sad, I am sorry to hear about your little friend. Bless your hearts! But thank you for reminding me that bedtime is so special. We have not had the best bedtime routine around here, it sometimes gets nutty, but there was a time when we sang to the kids every night. We need to get back to doing that. It truly is all about selfishness at times, unfortunately. Your post helped me see that we need that time to be special and peaceful and insightful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog with the blessing of poetry! I also have been making notes to myself about your photos----we need to talk possiblities here :)
(I am the photo editor for TOS)
Thanks again for introducing yourself, and we will be praying for you all on this end.