Monday, September 12, 2005

Today's Games

Instead of typing a list of learning games, I've decided to write short entries here and there about the games or activities we do on certain days and categorize them under "Learning Games" (see sidebar). Most of these will be be very simple, maybe even silly, but I guess my kids like silly!


Quirky Questions

For Bible, I had the kids take turn answering the review questions. If they knew the answer they could do a short goofy activity such as... 5-10 jumping jacks, running down and up the stairs once, patting head and rubbing tummy, hoedowns (a short ttapp exercise involving both right and left brain; see sidebar if you are curious about ttapp), singing a short segment of a song, somersault, etc. If they didn't know the answer, they looked it up in the Bible instead of doing an activity.

Run to the Answer

For spelling, I spread out phonogram cards all over the floor. I called out a phonogram and the kids ran to it. The first child to touch the card could keep it. I made a rule about no grabbing or shoving. I reserved a few of the cards for the 5 year old to race to by herself. This game could be used for math facts with number cards. Call out a problem and the kids run to the answer.

If you'd like to share a learning game, feel free to post it in the comments section!

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