Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ergo Review

When Logan was a newborn, I enjoyed using a Hotsling to carry him cradle-style. Now that he is older, I'm finding an Ergo carrier to be extremely useful. Since Logan turned 5 months old, he is big enough to be carried in it on my back.

This morning our whole family went on an hour long grocery shopping trip. When we arrived in the store, I took off my coat and Logan's and donned the carrier. He sat happily the whole time in the Ergo on my back, looking around and gumming a strap. It is a blessing to carry him around without hurting my neck or back.

I'm not the kind of mom that carries my baby around all the time on principle (and I'm not criticizing anyone who does). Logan is often content to sit in his bouncy seat with a toy, to lie on his tummy on a blanket, to play in the exersaucer, or to sit up (with someone "spotting" him still if he topples). There are times, though, when he is most content if he is held, and the Ergo has come in handy when I also need to get something done.

I have also carried Logan in the Ergo while:

  • hiking
  • vacuuming
  • cooking
  • doing laundry
  • my kids have their piano lessons (which last almost two hours total)
I have at times, when Logan is no longer content with sitting, put him in the Ergo and had my kids walk around the house with me while I read aloud to them. I've also carried him around in it while reading one of my books aloud to myself and to him.

I was hoping it would be more useful to me during our church fellowship dinner. While it is useful to carry him while going through the line to get my food, he needs a nap at that time, but can't stay asleep in it due to the noise of everyone talking during the meal. In other words, it is a good place for a nap for him, unless there is a lot of noise.

I've read that it takes awhile for people to get the hang of putting the baby in the Ergo in the back carry position. I've done it by myself once, and it wasn't a piece of cake. Fortunately, my ten year old is perfectly capable of putting Logan on my back and helping me with the arm straps. Even if I didn't have that kind of help, it would still be worth it to me to put Logan in myself.

I'm writing about the Ergo on my blog, because I'm thankful that I heard about it by word of mouth on message boards and blogs and want to do my part on spreading the word about, in my opinion, the best baby carrier available. Large Family Logistics is now selling the Ergo (scroll down to the bottom of the page).


I asked my son to take this picture of Logan in the Ergo when I was helping my kids to make a gingerbread man and cookies.

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