Saturday, December 09, 2006


This week, starting on Tuesday, we had our hardwood floors refinished and a new hardwood floor installed in our family room. That meant that the kids and I were in exile in Aunt Beth's basement all week. Lest you feel too sorry for us, realize that Uncle Rich and Aunt Beth recently had their basement refinished, and we were hardly roughing it! I'm so thankful for their hospitality which made it possible to continue homeschooling without too much stress.

After the floors were finished, the flooring company informed us that it would be best not to put furniture back for seven days. *Gulp* That would have been nice to know ahead of time! (Maybe they didn't mention that little fact in order to get the business before Christmas.) We can possibly put some furniture back if it is not rolled across the floor and set straight down. Our piano is presently sitting atop a dolly in our dining room. We'll have to take it off there for the week so that the kids can practice for the church Christmas program on Friday.

Before we put all the furniture back, we want to paint the kitchen and family room. James bought the paint today and did a little priming.

Here are some pictures from our week:

Our empty family room...The mantel shelf is elsewhere. We will unscrew the whole thing from the wall again to paint. Maybe sometime we'll glue it permanently to the wall!

ECHO Echo echo echo
The contrast between the "old" kitchen floor and the new family room floor is not as obvious in "real life" as it is in these pictures.

The kids ate supper in the living room tonight. Since they had soup, and we didn't want to risk the carpet, they ate at the bench sitting on the tabletop.

Crowded dining room! It isn't obvious in the picture, but the piano is not on the carpet, but rather on a dolly. (And by the way, the bouncy seat in front of the TV is just a coincidence. Logan doesn't watch TV unless it is off!)

In Exile

Maybe we didn't annoy Uncle Rich and Aunt Beth too much, because they asked us to come over for lunch tomorrow!

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