Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

We've been hit with around 20 inches of snow, the most snow the Denver area has seen in three years. The storm was forecast to be a big one, but many of the powers-that-be didn't decide to cancel work or school until it was too late to avoid a huge traffic mess.

James drove to work, but then had to turn around and come home at 12:00 pm. His drive of 20 miles lasted until 3:30 pm! Tonight on the news, we heard a woman interviewed by cell phone who was stuck on a full bus which had been sitting for 6 hours.

100_1366 100_1364
James couldn't reach the driveway (starting at the mailboxes) when he arrived home. The second picture shows the depth of the snow when he opened the garage door.

100_1370 100_1352
The front of our house The view out our back door
The kids cut out the paper shapes (snowflakes, hats, angels & penguins).

Matthew standing behind a snow drift in our backyard

The kids stayed warm inside most of the day and enjoyed decorating the boys' bunkbed.

The kids decorated the tree themselves the other day but decided to add a popcorn cranberry garland.

This (taken yesterday) could be our Christmas photo...if I could edit out the dirty feet, the spit-up, the hole in the jeans, and the blink! It's reality, though!

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