Saturday, December 16, 2006


James and the boys just moved the piano back into place in our family room! James and I agreed to forgo painting at this time with Christmas around the corner. We will move one thing at a time as we get to painting. Moving furniture proved not to be as daunting as expected with the use of these handy gadgets. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but these Movealls have a thick pad of fluffy felt on the bottom of a plastic bowl containing a foam pad where the furniture wheels or legs rest. We moved our refrigerator into place easily without risking the wheels scratching the floor. Ditto with the armoire and the piano. They will come in handy again when we move things aside to paint.

The only Christmas decoration up at our house so far is a wreath on the front door. Maybe later today, or next week, the kids can put up the Christmas tree in the family room (after we put felt pads on the stand!) By the way, I agree with Jen Ig and her take on Christmas. She already said it so well.

An aside: My husband just asked me, "Do you want some sardines?" That had to be a joke, right?

Okay, back to photo-blogging!

Yeah, so I'm sitting up. Big deal. And what's a little drool?

I actually just moved my leg long enough to snap the picture, then put my leg back in case he toppled over. He is starting to get the balance of it though!

What Logan lacks in skill, he makes up for in intensity.

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Dy said...

Oh, I love the piano picture!! Hey, you're moving furniture. I don't think you're required to decorate, too. (Isn't it nice how clean everything is after furniture's been moved? Or at least, that's about the only time I really "clean-clean" and it feels so good. Maybe we should move furniture more often?)