Monday, January 01, 2007

Another Reason to Celebrate


Matthew turned nine years old in the wake of Christmas, spreading the cheer a little further. He requested that we celebrate his birthday by eating out at an Ethiopian restaurant. Three years ago, we ate in an Ethiopian restaurant when visiting San Francisco. Matthew did not say so at the time, but lately when I asked him to name his favorite kind of food, he named Ethiopian. Driving slow and steady, we braved the snowy roads to a hole-in-the-wall establishment yesterday in Denver. We ordered mild for the sake of young palates and enjoyed dipping the tangy enjera (sourdough flatbread) to eat lamb, chicken, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and yellow split peas with our fingers.

I've been wanting to put together a slide show of pictures of Matthew on the occasion of his birthday like I did for Sophie. The process is proving to be more involved, because his pictures have deteriorated over the years. The pictures are in supposedly acid-free albums, but they are looking grainy and dust has left little white specks on the prints. When I look at the pictures in the albums, I don't notice the damage, but scanning magnifies the flaws. I've been using photo software to despeckle the pictures and remove the dust scratches. The process makes me grateful for new digital technology! I now have the slideshow in progress but don't have the time to finish it all at once. Matthew and I have enjoyed looking back through his pictures all the same.

And now I know why I keep calling Logan "Matthew"! Logan bears a striking resemblance to some of Matthew's baby pictures. It is fun to notice how Logan looks like both of the older boys, though I've never thought that Evan and Matthew looked much alike.

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