Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Up?


This is the snowiest winter that I've ever experienced. Normally in Denver, if we get socked with a blizzard, the sun and warmth return quickly, melting the snow in short order. Of course, the biggest storms in the thirteen years that I've lived here, usually occur in the spring.

I love the beauty of the snow and am glad for the fun the kids have playing in it, but I do not like driving in it one bit! Maybe I'd like it if I had a Jeep, but the mini-van isn't built for the snowy terrain. There have been several times recently that I've held my breath at intersections, wondering if the van will actually come to a stop. Most of the side streets have turned into one-lane rugged roads hemmed in by plow-created drifts. I am impressed, however, with the job our city has done in clearing even side streets. One morning, at 4 am, Logan and I enjoyed watching out a window as a large front-loader struggled to plow a path in our cul-de-sac.

The Jeep pictured above is not on our street, but has been a humorous landmark that we've driven past several times.

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