Monday, January 01, 2007

A Homeschool Success *Updated*

He learned a new skill this week! Sometimes it seemed like he never would learn. I really had to struggle not to push him and wait until he was developmentally ready. It was quite the temptation not to compare him with the other kids who had already mastered this step and moved on. I had to remind myself that he is an individual with his own timetable for learning and not pressure him to fit into a one-size-fits-all box. Better late is a good philosophy, right?

Well, it was worth the wait...

Logan can finally blow raspberries!

What a delightful way for a baby to entertain himself! I thought I'd post a video of his charming new skill on You Tube, but whenever I whip out the camera, Logan goes all google-eyed and slacked jawed, ceasing all activity to seriously observe the fascinating technology with the flashing light. Ah well.

Now for training in how to be quiet during church...

**Updating in response to my mom's question in the comments: **

Apparently blowing raspberries is a bona fide developmentally important skill for babies. Who knew?

You can read here everything that you really didn't want to know about blowing a raspberry.
(Or you could not read it and stay contentedly naive!)

And by the way, the first paragraph above was tongue-in-cheek, just so you know.

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