Saturday, January 13, 2007

Playing Scramble

Maybe we are an oddity as a homeschooling family in that we did not own a Scrabble game until last week. The kids and I bought the game for James for his birthday. Evan came up with the idea, remembering that his dad had mentioned quite awhile ago that we should get that game sometime.

We enjoyed playing the game tonight. Sophie was initially going to be on the "girls' team" with me, but then decided to keep score. She did a great job of adding up everyone's points as we played. Logan, getting to be quite the big boy, sat with us. He gets steadier with sitting up every day. Matthew had a hand ready behind him, though, because Logan leaned back when smiling at me for this picture:

Click on the picture for a closer view.

He didn't fall over!

Evan was quite happy that he could use a Latin "derivative" in the course of the game:


As we neared the end of the game, a player accidently bumped the board while playing with Logan, knocking all the words askew. It was a good point at which to stop for bedtime.

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