Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Down with Internet Explorer!

Based on a recent comment, I grabbed a clue that I should look at my blog with Internet Explorer and made sure that it looks okay. Why, O why is the blogger bar at the top cutting off my header in that browser?!

Do any of my blog readers use IE? Have you wondered why my blog looks ridiculous?

Either I have to fiddle with the template until it looks right in both Firefox and IE, or I'll have to include a disclaimer in my sidebar that this is best viewed in Firefox. Sigh.


Jackie said...

it is messed up on ie--i'm going to have to look at mine in ie now. i say just make a disclaimer--ie stinks for other applications too so don't put the effort into accomodating it.

Theresa said...

Hmmm ... I have ie and I can see your header just fine!! LOL I have XP ... maybe that's why??

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I see it fine too..and I have IE, but I also have XP.

Dell said...

I have MSN explorer, which I think is pretty much IE, running on XP.

Your blog header is there for me. (Although I often cheat and read on bloglines.)