Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Barfday to Me (Sorry)

Yesterday James gave me a card reading "16 1/2 million people are celebrating their birthdays today and you are the only one getting a card from me!" I'm starting to realize that calling a certain day "My birthday" does not mean that the day actually "belongs" to me! Hey, at least I'm starting to get it before I turn 40.

"My" birthday began in the wee hours of the morning with the gift that just keeps giving. I lay in bed near Logan so that I could try to contain the waves of...well, you can guess...caused by his stomach virus. Poor Logan, you say? Yeah, well at least he could sleep through a lot of that. Did you know that is is possible for a toddler to retch and be held upright yet still stay asleep?

In the morning, Logan stopped throwing up and Evan started. At least he's old enough to know how to contain the mess himself!

I enjoyed the cards that the kids made for me and was happy not to receive any sentiments like this!


Jackie said...

oh man, that is just not right...sorry it was not a very happy birthday.

Susan T said...

Like you, I had to be a servant for my birthday weekend this year, but in a less messy way. Maybe God wants us to learn a similar lesson. When everyone is better, I could give you a day off by having the kids over. Thanks for the link to the "Fat" sight. Sooo funny. I really like what phat stands for!
love ya!

mere said...

I was sick on my last b-day, too. I hope you're feeling better and that your b-day had some happiness to it! Blessings!


LisaWA said...

Happy late Birthday! Sure hope everyone is feeling better.

Love the firengine idea... so how many does it actually seat? :) jk

Hope that is resolved soon too.... its not easy choosing a car these days.... gas savings would be a big top priority....

Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving this week.