Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please Read Very Carefully

Just to clarify, I am not pregnant this time. Julie gets to do the "morning" sickness thing etc. all on her own, but I am cheering her on.

On Sunday, Patrick announced, "James and Melissa are not joining us this time, but Julie and I are expecting next June." (Or something to that effect.)

After the service, a sweet lady patted me and said, "Congratulations."

I think I scared her when I exclaimed, "For what?!" (I was taken aback, folks!)

She quickly said, "I don't know!" then went off to question her son (whose response was "Duh Mom!") She came back apologizing, saying that she had her facts straight now, and we had a good laugh together.

I had to correct another friend's mistaken idea before we left as well. I wonder how many other people at church will be silently examining my waistline with interest over the next months. Should I eat more chocolate (if that's possible ;-) to keep it interesting?

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Julie said...

I had a few conversations that went something like "So, who is pregnant? Melissa? Or you?" at church too. Maybe we ought to alter our announcements in the future for those who are only partially listening ... =)