Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Must-See Movie

Children of Heaven

James and I watched the movie Children of Heaven and then had our children watch it in segments. If you would like a refreshing break from typical, emotionally-manipulative Hollywood fare but yet would enjoy watching an uplifting story, simply told, please watch this movie! The movie is Iranian with subtitles, telling the tale of a boy who loses his little sister's shoes and the trials that follow. The movie tells a story of love and self-sacrifice while realistically portraying the pangs of childhood struggle. Please tell me if you watch it!


Hillary said...

Ohhhh... isn't that wonderful! I *love* that movie!

Melkhi said...

I think I have a vague memory of seeing this in your sidebar. I should have paid more attention. At least I finally got around to watching it! It is now a definite favorite!