Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frivolous Decorating Post

If you have visited our house over the years, you might have noticed that we don't rearrange our furniture or pictures much at all. Once we find the "perfect" spot for an item, it stays put. We have also, in some cases, taken many years to find just the right picture or decoration for certain walls.

The first house that James and I lived in sported forest green carpet in the living room. We bought a couch with a floral print to direct the eye away from the floor.


I loved this couch at first, and the picture arrangement above it stayed the same in three different houses, but I must admit that recently, after fourteen years, the sofa print and the pictures have begun to get on my nerves. (Yeah, yeah, I know that some of you have probably disliked them all along. You were so polite not to say anything! :)

Well, after fourteen years, the couch is still in like-new condition. It is just a well-made piece of furniture, and I am thankful for it! The couch must stay, but it now has a new throw over the back to break up some of the pattern. Best of all, a new picture, a photograph of my own has replaced the former wall arrangement.


And here is the whole effect:


The wall picture is actually slightly lower now than pictured, and I have yet to steam out the creases in the throw, but I like the change.

Looking at the picture this size is like looking out at Long's Peak from the trail up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l. Park ~ brings back good memories!


genie said...

I am just like you! Once I get the furniture/decorations the way I like it, that is how it stays. A friend of mine is always rearranging her things, even when the new arrangement just doesn't make as much sense. I don't get it.

I love the picture, btw. We have made a few trips to the western side of the front range, but it's never enough. :-)

Margie said...

Your picture is beautiful. I think you could open a photography studio and sell them. We really like the ones you sent us and they are hanging over the piano.


Erin said...

That mountain picture is beautiful!

Melkhi said...

Thank you!

lynardlynard said...

It is heartening to surround yourself with images that make you feel happy. Drew and I always thought that we would have more original art on our walls, but (surprise!) it costs a lot more than other stuff. :-)

I like your mountain!

|||||| lynard

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!! I like your new look. I'm not one for change either, I rarely rearrange.


Dell said...

LOVELY picture. Like you, we don't rearrange much once we find the right combo. I tend to like my ruts, and once I get it right why change? This change was lovely though!

Love the quilling post below too! What a neat skill!