Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharing a Song That Makes Me Smile

Don't frown that I first heard this song in a commercial! This is a simple melody, winsomely sung. I had to look it up on You Tube and spread the cheer! (We certainly need distraction from the SnotFest going on at our house.)


House Of Boy & Girl said...

I kind of like this song, too. It's catchy. :)

Julie said...

thanks - elijah was distracted and sang along (la la la) in his froggy sick voice. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've liked that commercial too; I didn't know it was a hit song out there in musicland. How did you find this video? What's her name?

lynardlynard said...

Such a cool song, and I like Mac computers, too! :-)

||||||| lynard

LisaWA said...

What a cute video too... I enjoyed it. *Ü*