Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Pulled It Off!

Yesterday, with some help, I threw a 40th birthday party for James, and he was actually surprised!

On three different occasions in the past, people have tried to throw surprise parties for me, but I have found out about them ahead of time. I have a sixth sense for such things. I suspected that James would be difficult to fool too, but now I know that I can hide things from him and lie to him and get away with it. Just kidding!

With help, and a lot of technical glitches to start with, I showed the dvd picture montage of James at the party using the church projector. James knew about the dvd, but didn't know that I intended to show it to an audience. I originally meant to keep the dvd a secret from him, but blew that before his actual birthday in January. At that time, he unexpectedly decided to back-up our computer, and innocently asked me, "Do you want me to back-up my pictures?" I got defensive with him, because I thought he had seen all of his old pictures on the computer. I soon realized that he actually had not figured out what I was doing, but was just referring to a file labeled "My Pictures." I decided to just let that part of the secret out of the bag anyway, since it had been my mode of operation to make slide shows in the past. He was happy to have an explanation for my defensiveness, and I was relieved not to have to keep hiding that major project!

The night before James' surprise party, a friend of mine called me, and in talking with her, I realized that she had not received the emails about the party. When James took Logan upstairs, I tried to quietly tell her about the party, but then I heard the upstairs phone pick up! James came down a minute later, and I asked him, "Were you eavesdropping?!" He told me that he was letting Logan play with the phone. I wasn't sure if he had heard anything that might clue him in to the surprise! Thankfully, he truly remained clueless.


COMomma said...

Congratulations! I can't even begin to plan anything - I get too excited and tell everyone.

Margie said...

I wish we could have been there. How big a party was it?