Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday



LisaWA said...

So does that come in lazy boy styles too, or just garden furniture? lol

I give him a 10 in creativity! lol

Happy WW~


Phyllis said...

That looks like a comfortable swing. Someone was being creative!

Wee Pip said...

That is hysterical! Was that this week's weather? If so, I am sooo jealous (we're in the midst of a snow storm)

Melkhi said...

Actually, that was two years ago. :)
We have snow here right now too.

Matthew decided to do something about the swing pinching his bottom. :)

Brittney said...

I love the innovation and taking matters into his own hands! Very creative solution! Way to go Matthew!
Happy WW!

Tina said...

What a inventor you have on your hands. :o) LOL Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Very smart, I hate being pinched in swings too :)


Mama Peep said...

Genius! :-)


Happy WW

my5wolfcubs said...

My ds wants to know if he can try that too! :)

MM said...

Love this! Very creative!

Dy said...

ROFLOL! Oh, I love having children around. You need to print this up as a poster and put a caption on it about how nothing is impossible if we use the minds God gave us. This is just great. :-)


Melkhi said...

Hi Dy!

I've missed your "visits". :) Thanks for enjoying my funny kid with me!