Saturday, March 03, 2007

Logan Berry

Who needs a doll when you've got a baby brother? Two weeks ago, we let Sophie try to hold Logan while she stood as opposed to her usual way of holding him on her lap. She can manage with one arm under his armpit and one arm around his leg. If he gets too heavy, she just sets him down with his feet on the floor. Now we have yet another baby-carter, and both parties involved enjoy the interaction.


Evan has carried Logan from day one, but recently he has enjoyed carrying Logan in the Ergo. He also has, um, begun training Logan in doing chores...yeah.


In case you are wondering, James and I still get plenty of opportunity to hold and interact with Logan as well!

One evening this week, James did not arrive home until 8:30 pm. I held Logan in the rocking chair, his eyes closing in sleep, when I heard the key turning in the lock of the front door. "Logan, Daddy's home," I quietly told him. His eyes flew open and he quickly twisted his body to look behind him. He beamed when he caught sight of his dad, and after James had a chance to transition from work to home, he held Logan for another hour. Logan wasn't about ready to let sleep interfere with his daddy-time.

Disclaimer: Matthew spends a lot of time with his little brother too, but I don't have pictures of him carrying Logan lately. He gets tired out very quickly. I'll try to post a video clip of him pushing Logan in the wagon soon.


scribbit said...

And where are you going to find a doll that cute? CHeck out the cheeks and baby eyes. :)

Shelley said...

Awww, what cute pictures! It's always good when siblings enjoy being with each other.